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My best video of dioramas

InläggPostat: 02 aug 2012, 17:57
av lalo133
... :mrgreen: The best video of dioramas (Photovideo) is in my website is in my view, the video of "Chupacabras (Esleleología)" because I think it is: The best horror story. The best cinematography and best music.
The dioramas video tells a dark and tragic adventure that a group of cavers experience in a cave, where dwells the Boreno Chupacabras.
To see this fantastic sci-fi video ... go ..:
- Enter my website.
- Scale 1/10.
- Site: CIENCIA FICCION. / Chupacabras (Espeleología) / Photovideo.
-------------------------------------------------- -------------------------- Sincerely ... Jorge. :wink: