ASG trucks in October 1994

Här diskuterar vi Åkerier, Transportförmedlingsföretag och även Industriföretag som har betydande egen transportverksamhet.

Moderatorer: Anders Ason, Bo Norvinge

ASG trucks in October 1994

Inläggav Montfrooij » 24 maj 2014, 21:56

The last part of the fourth VHS tape is converted:
In October 1994 we made a short trip to Sweden to visit some ASG terminals.
First we are in Jönköping where we (a.o.) see a Mercedes from AA and a nice Scania from TL.
Next we visit the Duni Lagerhus (also in Jönköping), before moving to Borås where a Volvo is being loaded. Next we move to Norrköping where we (a.o.) see the inside of the terminal.
We see some minicombi's passing by and a ASG van.
Next we are in Borås again and pay a visit to the terminal (inside) with the automated lorry system.
After that, we go to Göteborg and on our way back, visit Kalmar (Ramströms Åkeri) on our way back to The Netherlands.

Have fun watching,

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