ASG trucks in July 1993 (Göteborg and others)

Här diskuterar vi Åkerier, Transportförmedlingsföretag och även Industriföretag som har betydande egen transportverksamhet.

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ASG trucks in July 1993 (Göteborg and others)

Inläggav Montfrooij » 24 feb 2014, 22:43

The second part of the VHS tape is converted.
We are still in July 1993 and start at the ASG terminal in Göteborg where a lot of ASG trucks pass by at the road in front of the terminal.
We recognize a Johansson, Transport Ledet, VWB, Sollstatrafik and a Finish ASG.
Next stop is our campsite at Ulricehamn, where we stand next to the road, waiting for blue and yellow to pass by. (The old railroad is converted into a bicycle road).
We move on to Jönköping, where we pay the ASG terminal a visit.
Some nice DAF trucks, as well as a Sollstatrafik and a Forserums.
After that some shots from Ulricehamn again and after that we move on to Halmstad on our way South (home) again.
Here we see a Halmstad trailerfrakt AB, a Sirgudsson and a Jonny Steen (as well as many other ASG trucks standing at the ASG terminal)


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