ASG trucks in June 1993, Södertälje and Stockholm.

Här diskuterar vi Åkerier, Transportförmedlingsföretag och även Industriföretag som har betydande egen transportverksamhet.

Moderatorer: Anders Ason, Bo Norvinge

ASG trucks in June 1993, Södertälje and Stockholm.

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A new VHS tape is converted!

In 1993 we spent our summer holiday in Sweden and whenever it was possible, we visited ASG terminals to document the ASG activities.

This holiday we start the footage in Södertälje where we found a nice spot next to the road where lots of ASG trucks pass by.

Next we move to the ASG terminal in Stockholm, where we positioned ourselves at the entrance and had a very nice time filming all the blue and yellow passing by.
At 3:10 a nice scania torpedo is passing by (Hellgrens trailer) and at 4:15 and 5:30 two DAF’s are shown and shortly after we see Hans Hoogeboom wearing blue and yellow ‘wooden shoes’.
We were somewhat crazy ..
At 6:16 a brown DAF (AA) passes by and a little later (6:55) a Volvo from BK Frakt is entering.
A nice ‘catch’ for the day and time to move on!


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