ASG trucks in November 1992, Helsingborg, Oskarshamn.

Här diskuterar vi Åkerier, Transportförmedlingsföretag och även Industriföretag som har betydande egen transportverksamhet.

Moderatorer: Anders Ason, Bo Norvinge

ASG trucks in November 1992, Helsingborg, Oskarshamn.

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In November 1992 we went to Sweden for a short ASG trip.
This first part of the video starts in Helsingborg, where we see a Nord Volvo and some other ASG trucks and a trailer with a strangely painted ellipse. (just a blue stripe).

The next location is a bit uncertain. We think it is Gislaved where Malkolms Åkeri had a subsidiary, as we were on the way to Oskarshamn.
Here we made some shots in the wet snow and saw a nice DAF ASG truck on the parking place.

The third location is Oskarshamn, where a nice small Volvo ASG truck was being (un) loaded at the dock with a very small arrow on the side.
A bit later on it drives away to have some pallets unloaded by a fork lift.

The fourth location is Kalmar, where we made a short stop (not much was happening there) before we moved on in the direction of Växjö.
The last stop (for this part of the video) is on the way to Växjö at a parking place (the exact location is unknown) where we see a strange ASG paint job.

If anybody recognizes the second location (we think it might be Gislaved) or the last parking place (between Kalmar and Växjö), please let me know!

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