ASG trucks in June 1992 in Jönköping, Värnamo and Kalmar

Här diskuterar vi Åkerier, Transportförmedlingsföretag och även Industriföretag som har betydande egen transportverksamhet.

Moderatorer: Anders Ason, Bo Norvinge

ASG trucks in June 1992 in Jönköping, Värnamo and Kalmar

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The next part of the VHS tape is ready.

In June 1992 we were on summer holiday in Sweden where we documented the ASG trucks that were driving there.

We start at the ASG terminal in Jönköping where we see some DAF ASG trucks, and (among others) a nice NORD truck.
Next we move to Ulricehamn, where we spotted some ASG trucks from the former railway – path that used to run next to the campsite.

The next location is a bit questionable, as we remember, we move to Malkolms Åkeri in Värnamo with subsidiaries in Gnosjö and Gislaved. We think the first shot was in Gnosjö, but are not sure.
Because of the summer holiday, not much was happening here. But we did catch a lot of trucks being parked on the terrain.

After that we are at Ulricehamn again, where we see a nice Lommerts Volvo and a N88 passing by.
The next day we visited Ottenby Åkeri at Kalmar. It was a Sunday so there was not much moving. They had a very nice neon ad telling ‘by boat, by plane, by train, by truck, which was over 11 m long.
Nowadays it is stored in the terminal in Borås.

The last location is the ASG terminal in Växjö. This was the old terminal, which was expanded later on. We see a lot of different Åkeri’s passing by. Hugo Svensson, Ramströms Åkeri, Sigurd Andersson Falkenberg, Malkolms and others.
We go a little tour through the building and were amazed by the view of all the goods coming in and going out.

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